Zeebo suffers from anxiety problems and a bit of a low self-esteem. He is into retro gaming and gaming in general. He likes to go to forests and abandoned places to scout portals to earth and scavenge for objects that come through. He’s quite obsessed about that and tinkers with devices to be able to track more portals. He loves silent movies.

He lives with his pet Hekke in a Suburban home in his world, called Neebota. He has three best friends, Rashkadim, Laurencia and Bervie. His favorite food is spaghetti. He has a penchant for inventing terms, language and making weird sounds. He loves birds, but is afraid of them in very large numbers.


Hekke is a jelly-like creature that Zeebo found near his house. In his mourning and suffering, he bonded with Hekke, who cannot morph like Zeebo in his dreams, but is exceptionally squishy. Hekke can stick to walls and get through almost any hole or crevice. Hekke emits blub-like sounds and only Zeebo seems to be able to understand him.


Rashkadim has been Zeebo’s buddy since the beginning of primary school. Rashkadim is a writer, poet and joker. He is quite the intellectualist as well. He quite likes science, but leans towards the artistic side. Like Zeebo, he loves visiting forests and abandoned places. He is fascinated by our earth. Despite his rather nasal voice he is surprisingly pleasant to listen to, especially as he recites facts or poetry.


Laurencia is often sarcastic. Loves to tease. She is an engineer and physicist. Very smart. Ever since Zeebo’s parents died and his issues arose, she has been recommending her therapist to him. She is quite sharp-witted and the science of the portals to earth fascinates her endlessly, often jumping to Zeebo’s aid as he thinkers.


Bervie is nervous and insecure. He is always afraid to join the gang on their treks into the forest and checking out earth portals though rarely stays away from it all. He likes to support people and likes animals, wants to be a type of healer or vet for all beings.