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Gameplay Preview Trailer

99 Fails

Precision platforming in Zeebo’s bizarre nightmare to a soundtrack by David wise!

Easy to play, difficult to master!

99 Fails Adventure Mode


Master 3 mechanics in 5 areas of Zeebo’s mind where you learn about his tragic backstory through a comic.
Beat adventure mode? Play Adventure Mode+ with permadeath!


Test your skill in arcade mode with 99 or 666 pillars in 3 difficulties, any area, and compete with 8 people online!
Playing 99 Fails competitively is the way it’s meant to be played!
99 Fails Endless Mode


Race everyone in a nail-biting endless race. Died at pillar 760? All the way back to zero! Live streamed!
Features live rankings & some very special AI generation magic!
Steam Soon Soon Soon